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Launch Training offers a range of both pre and post-employment training solutions.

Our pre-employment solution is funded through various government employment initiatives. Our network of referral agencies and other candidate sourcing methods ensures every business we work with is provided with the very best candidate pool to choose from. Our post-employment offer ensures an enhanced workforce with the skills to increase business productivity.

Are you an employer interested in any of our pre and post employment solutions? Or a candidate interested in how our training or apprenticeship offers can help you?

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The Launch Group training

Pre-Employment Training (PET)

Launch Training has access to government funded initiatives for pre-employment training (PET) and works closely with organisations such as the Prince’s Trust and other employment initiatives to source the right funded solution for your business.

Working directly alongside the employer, Launch Training co-designs a bespoke recruitment and PET solution which can incorporate the employer’s bespoke induction training as well as other compliance courses such as Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity etc.

All of our programmes ensure the organisation is provided with newly appointed employees who understand the inner workings of the business and the industry it is in, ensuring their productivity can be maximised from day one.

It is our mission at Launch Training to design PET programmes which specifically meet employers’ immediate and future recruitment needs.

Our bespoke PET solutions!


 Aviation and Airport Services Fact Sheet

Contact Centre

Contact Centre Operations Fact Sheet


Airport and Rail Hospitality Factsheet  Airport and Rail Hospitality Factsheet (Pre-Apprenticeship) Hospitality and Catering Factsheet

Movement to Work

Movement to Work


Apprenticeships and NVQs

Launch Training advises employers on a national level with regards to Apprenticeship recruitment, up-skilling and any other vocational training. Our aim is to help you enhance your workforce’s skills and increase your business’s productivity.

Launch works in close partnership with a select few colleges and training providers who deliver an extensive variety of qualifications across many industries. Our team has the experience of guiding employers through the Apprenticeship process, ensuring both our clients and the Apprentices themselves benefit from the very best delivery.

For a full list of the qualifications available to your business, please contact us and one of our Business Development Advisor team will then explore the options which we believe are right for you.

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Schools Provision

The objective of our schools provision service is to prepare each and every student for the world of work and further education.

We aim to enlighten students and give them both the practical experience, knowledge and information on the various key factors that are needed in order to have a successful transition from education in to the working world.

The programme is bespoke in nature, adapted to the requirements of each school, ensuring an individualised approach as we understand that the demands of each student could be completely different.

If you think your school could benefit from this service, please get in touch.

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